Paddy Cummins has written twelve books. Three novels, an epic sea book, a memoir, an autobiography, two travel books, a self-help book and three collections of short stories and poems.
His travel book: ‘It’s a Long Way to Malta’ (An Irishman’s Gem in the Med) is a multiple #1 best-seller. His latest travel book: ‘In Love With Malta’ has been launched on Kindle & Amazon.
His autobiography: ‘The Long Road’ (My Journey) and his childhood memoir: ‘Yoke the Pony’ are best-sellers on Kindle & Amazon.

Copy (1) of paddy tPaddy lives in Ireland during the summer and spends the winter months in Malta.


10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I look forward to reading Yoke the Pony

  2. Thank you, Onisha. Your kind support is greatly appreciated by me. Blessings.

  3. Paddy check my blog on Music Category @ https://wikiepedia.wordpress.com/category/music/ . I am sure you will love this.

  4. Great work, Paddy. Enjoy!

  5. Thanks MG. Appreciated.

  6. Hi Paddy.. I went to school in Malta when my father was posted there. Would love to add you to my Cafe and Bookstore .. I have everything I need and was planning on Wednesday 16th if that is okay with you. https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/sallys-cafe-and-bookstore/

  7. Hi Sally.

    Great to meet you and to share a connection with Malta.

    I would feel honoured to have my books featured in your Cafe and Bookstore.
    (What a brilliant idea) Wednesday 16th is fine.

    Thank you.



    thanks for promoting with us

  9. Hi Paddy. I’m so impressed by the number of books you’ve published, and hope to read a couple before too long. I love Ireland and have visited twice in the past and we hope to visit again at the end of summer next year. I know I already follow you on Twitter, and am looking forward to reading your blog posts.

  10. Hi Millie. Thanks a million for your kind comments. We all love Ireland. Greetings from ‘The Emerald Isle’

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